Welcome to the Golan brewery

Golan brewery is a fabulous and unique compound in Israel, which combines fresh beer manufacturing from the Golan mineral water, a bar and gourmet restaurant as in every proper brewhouse.
In this site we will demonstrate the vision and interesting story of the brewery and its founders. We will discover the secrets behind our fine beers- Golan beer, Galil beer and Emek beer. In addition you will find all about the beergarden experience, purchase goods in the souvenir shop and arrange-in one click- a tour or trip for individuals/groups.
In this site you can catch up with weekly events, arrange a non conventional convention in our VIP room and order tickets to live shows.
… what are you waiting for? Come in and enjoy it all in one seep

Chutzot Hagolan Commercial Center, Katzrin
E-mail: merkazgolan@012.net.il
Tel: 04-6963625
Cell: 050-2022334

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